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After much research (help and work), I have moved the website to a new locale.  The address is still active at http://www.matthewgscott.com but the design is totally new.  I welcome you to join me at the new site!


New Journey – 60 Days of Thanksgiving

This week I am starting out on a new journey – 60 Days of Thanksgiving!  In an attempt to live out the Scriptures that call us to give thanks time and time again (or always, in all circumstances, etc.), I am beginning this journey to give thanks for something new each day.  I will share these things on my blog here.  

I am expecting that this will: 1) help make me more aware of the many wonderful things in my life, 2) be more grateful for what is in my life, 3) help me develop more awareness to the great things around me, and 4) make me happier.  

Simply put, we are more glad when we are calling up the wonderful things around us and giving thanks for them.  Like making a list of things we have already done that day, just so we can scratch them off, giving thanks calls up the great things we already have and allows us to enjoy them even more.  It is as if thanksgiving allows us to experience these things more!

I invite you to join me on this journey of thanksgiving.  Leave a comment below of the things you are thankful for.

Tell a friend or loved one of things about them that you are thankful for.  Write a note or email to someone thanking them for what they have done.  Leave unexpected sticky notes for someone you care about reminding them that you are grateful for them.

It doesn’t take long, but I invite you to join me, if just for today on this journey of giving thanks for the people and things around us.  Big and small, grand and simple, try giving thanks and share with me your story.  Even if it is not for the person you are with, just being thankful around people lightens the mood and brightens their day.  It doesn’t take long at all.  So what are you thankful for today?

Welcome to 60 Days of Thanksgiving!

Meeting Bob Goff – The Sit Down

Bob was kind enough to include us in his busy schedule this weekend. After his talk we sat down with him for a long chat. He is warm and friendly. He’s not as amped up as he is on the stage, but he still covers a great deal of ground quickly.

He hugs everyone, looks you in the eye when he prays (eyes open, and invites you to the same), and generally sees life as an adventure. He is open that he has been adventurous all his life but focused on different things at different stages. He was kind, open and vulnerable. He shared about many things and was open to answer all questions we asked.

He finally slowed down about 11pm, but still then there was a lot of content. He just leaned back in his chair when he spoke (earlier he was on the edge of his seat).

He talked about his sweet wife Maria, always with warm affection. And he shared other dreams and aspirations he has and some more adventurous stories about the hilarious things he likes to do – from teaching people to fly, to selling his office space to relocate to a lobster boat (the “Goffice”). The man is a walking adventure and just being around him he invites you on the same. His energy and excitement are contagious. It is as if his questions dare you to dream of a new possibility that you always assumed was off limits.

He questions limits naturally, pushing the status quo well beyond its bounds and sees results beyond limits you would expect from such bold living. He fails openly and admits that this is part of living, while inviting you to keep taking risks. He is clearly a man who has done many things, who reflects deeply on Scripture, and seeks first to live a life of love. It was a great pleasure to be with Bob and I highly recommend it.


In his talk he shared that he gets over 40 calls a day since he shared his number in his book and he loves it. As he said, people are like oxygen to him, so being an extreme extrovert he can sustain such a connected existence. He also admits to likely being ADD (attention deficit disorder), although he has never been formally diagnosed. This may explain how he is able to jump from adventure to adventure without distraction, or because of it.

Even though he may be ADD, he certainly can go deep. He talks fast and packs a great deal of content in a short amount of time. And the content is that of a mature person who has done much and lives deeply into what he speaks of. For Bob, his talks are not of theories that may work, but more of an invitation to join him on the same journey of deep love for others without fear or worry.

He does not use labels on people and does not focus on issues. He says that God deals with people, not issues, and issues do not define us. He says issues are for smart people and self identifies with forest gump, just glad to show up and have things work out. He does a great job of just loving the person in front of him, but if you listen closely, his analysis is simple, but very deep. For instance, he invites you to reach out and encourage and support those who you are uncomfortable with or are going through such hard times.
What if we reached out relationally to those who ostracized themselves with moral failures? He paints a picture for you of a simple love that is very deep and complex, the kinds of radical love that Jesus invites us to. If you listen closely, his invitations are the fruit of great and deep wisdom that I believe only comes from living it out. Bottom line: the man has great wisdom from many years of deep experience of loving God and others very well.

Our time with Bob was very fun. Open, vulnerable, exciting, candid – he was very interesting. He shared the way he develops his writings, beginning with a thought on the left column in an excel spreadsheet. Every time he refines the thought, he moves it over to the next column. The thoughts that go very far are very refined. This was the product of his book, Love Does. Thirty-one refined thoughts paired with stories to draw them out. It is sly, but he is a very deep thinker. I think the main difference from others is that he doesn’t let his deep thinking trump loving others. Love drives it all, not what is right. He openly admits he has given up being right or being offended and has chosen instead to be loving, radically loving. And, he seems to be loving it. He expresses that he is now living into what he is made to do more than any other time in his life.

Bob is good friends with don miller. They do conferences together pairing don’s storytelling and life plan work with bob’s invitation to a life of adventure. This must be a very powerful cocktail of adventure and direction. They also must have loads of fun together, both being adventurous storytellers who seek to help contemporaries know the true nature of God and live into a life journey with Him. Powerful!

Bob is for most, an example of a man set free to love the person in front of him and dream what life could be, then live into it. He is a fresh breeze of the simplicity of God’s love for all people, and the adventure of saying yes to the seemingly impossible. I highly recommend his book. It is funny, upbeat, honest about the character of God without using churchy language, and most importantly, I believe the book helps get people out of the comforts of their daily lives to live into new possibilities. Imagining a small group learning to live and love like this – I can see how easily this could change an entire community. I believe this book is for many. I believe it’s for those curious of the heart of God. I believe it’s for those who need adventure, joy and life back. I believe it’s for those who need grace, forgiveness and freedom.

Bob shared that he is taking the summer off to write a new book. As he spoke at the events this weekend, it sounded as though he is just starting to hit his stride. I am excited for what is coming next. He is clearly wise and powerfully reflective. And he combines this with a commitment to “go do stuff,” a common phrase of invitation from his talks and inscriptions inside his book. I am excited to get to know him and his heart. He is truly a gift to the world, and I am excited for what will come in this next book of deep revelations and adventurous invitations. Wake up Body of Christ, come alive Church. The world waits.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

What are your plans for your new adventures?! I’d love for you to share them below.

Meeting Bob Goff – Friday Night Talk


Bob Goff is a fantastic speaker! As you can see in his writing, he is adventurous and his spirit is contagious. He is very quotable in his writing and also in his speaking. He spoke for over 45 minutes, he talks fast and covers a lot of ground. He is very passionate, clearly bring and always willing to hop right in.

We really enjoyed the talk and had great takeaways from it. Mainly that we are called to live into love and not just know things. We are called to do things. Below are my notes from the talk. What sticks out most to you about what Bob covered in the notes. I’d love to hear from you!

Bob Goff – How To Make Radical Acts of Real Love
– spend the next month welcoming everyone. Saying, you are welcome here.
– I realized I spend my whole life avoiding the people that Jesus engaged.
– Jesus says I call you friends
– go be friends with Jesus
– want to do something awesome for someone, do it for their kids. Do this for God. Or go be who we were made to be.
– just go be you and love everybody
– love God with all your heart, sole mind, and love your neighbor.
– start with people you don’t get
– figure out who creeps you out
– find the people who creep you out and go love them.
– it’s always vs 6 – gal 1:6 – so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in grace…
– Jesus didn’t get the people together and say just agree with me, no He said go do stuff
– this is love – that we walk in obedience to his commands and walk in love – 2 john – live in grace, walk in love
– we don’t have to send archers to the wall to protect baby Jesus when someone has bad theology
– I’m not trying to win every argument, not trying to be right, I’m trying to be humble
– try taking off your shoes in an argument
– you don’t need a bunch of information about Jesus. I haven’t been to a bible study in years. I meet with men every Friday. Bible doing, not bible study.
– book of acts. Great name. Acts.
– you don’t need all the information. If you have a guide you trust, just follow them.
– slowly, slowly. Just move towards Jesus.
– will you stop beating yourself up about your faith? Are you going to screw up? Of course you are. You’re human. Don’t be afraid of failing.
– I give myself three epic fails a year.

– get skin in the game so it’s not just some statistic, but it feels like your family
– what if we failed at the right stuff? What if we failed trying? Don’t fail watching.
– you are going to have a couple epic fails.
– you have a guide you can trust. Will things go wonky? Of course.
– God just delights that we’re trying

– what can we do to move the needle in people’s lives? (Great, great question)
– what if you live in everything you do on the edge of yikes. People who are comfortable don’t need God and so much of us live right on the middle of comfortable. Get out on the edge of yikes and we do need God. If you’re not living on the edge of yikes, then Go find someone on the edge of yikes and get with them. Then you start understanding what you really believe.
– just make it about loving people. Jesus doesn’t need the credit. We don’t need the credit either. Jesus often does things and then says don’t tell anyone about this. Don’t make a big deal about everything. If I keep making it about me, it will never be about Jesus.
– we don’t have to call it ministry anymore, call it Tuesday. Don’t have to do mission trips, just go serve people.
– make it about other people.
– just store it up for later, when you get to Heaven.

– people believe this lie that they’re defined by their biggest screwup. Others believe a bigger lie that we’re defined by our successes. We’re defined by our love. Go big and love big.
– fortunately she didn’t see me for who I was, instead she saw me for who I was becoming (line about the woman who would become his wife)
– the better we are at lifting each other up, the better we all are

– love your enemies so that you can be perfect like your father in Heaven.
– what if instead of just agreeing with Jesus, you did things. Get your cell phone out next time you’re in church and text someone you need to reconcile with. Say sorry and get over it.
– with your shoes off you can do it.
– I’m starting to move towards Jesus with these little bitty steps.
– stop counting. Don’t keep track of it. Try turning into love.
– just go do stuff
– Just ask, what am I going to do. A great way to start – guard each other’s hearts.
– proverbs 4:23 – above all else, guard your hearts
– you want to do something – when a woman walks in the room, just rise.
– if we forget to honor each other, we will never remember to honor God.
– if you come over to my house – we will go toilet paper people’s houses
– how is your life working for all the people around you? Not how is it working for you. How is it working for those around you.
– *******stop being efficient in the way you love each other, be extravagant.
– I wasn’t looking for a buyer, I was looking for a neighbor.
– (this guy is a big kid)
– if we just weren’t afraid anymore, we could love more and it would spread like a cold
– be strong, be courageous, walk in love, be not afraid
– be extravagant in the way you love people and start with the people who are your enemies.
– what do u guys need? ********(great question)
– “I want to be every witch doctor’s first kiss”
– what if we’re the ones who engage those they don’t like
– if you love people this way, you will live a life of constant misunderstanding
– don’t put it on a to do list, just get it done. Not keeping track of it, just doing it.
– just make it about Jesus and don’t make it about you. Don’t talk about your opinion, talk about your heart.

Final point: Live in grace, walk in love, we’re not afraid anymore.